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Dec 1, 2015

Top 5 Best Family Car

Best Family Car

Best Family Car

All of us become parents someday, and when we do, we require The Best Family Vehicle available in the market and so here is the list of Family Cars for all old, new, and upcoming parents.

Chevrolet Suburban.

This car is considered to be a very comfortable for people with big families, plus it is one of the safest family rides. This car has a capacity of 9 people who can sit comfortably with the added benefit of cargo room with space for baby gear with some space to spare. This SUV also has a hidden compartment under the cargo room which can carry your emergency supply. It is very beastly in nature and is not your typical mommy ride, the exterior is beautifully crafted and has a well-balanced design. The base price for this model is $46,500 which is very much affordable in a normal income family.

Chevrolet Malibu.

Malibu is really sensational in the sense of style and its feature, it looks like a typical Luxury Car, but it has a subtle price tag compared to other. It contains a 196 horsepower with strong fuel economy, and it has a very smooth ride. It can be labelled as a cool car for your children and it really fits the profile. The price starts from $23,450 which is well equipped and comfortable, in short you can get a 
really nice car under the price tag of $28,000.

Ford Fusion.

Now, fusion is simply one of The Best Family Cars coming from Ford, with the car designed with the perspective of this technological generation. It is very well quipped and comfortable, and it comes with 175-240 horsepower depending upon your necessity with the option of buying a hybrid. This car is completely made by keeping technology in mind; voice activation, self-parking and keyless entries are the main features it is pumped up with. Cruise control in this car is very efficient and smart and save fuel for you. It cost around $22,400 which is very decent and affordable and a mileage of 25 in the city and 35 on the highway

Honda Odyssey.

best family cars

It is one of the best minivan available in the market from Honda. Odyssey fills the profile for a perfect for people with small children, and it comes with a base price tag of $28,900. This does not mean that this car will not have any features, the best part about this is it is still pretty much equipped at its base price of power adjustable seats, power accessories, Bluetooth, split folding rows, text to speech capability and cruise control with a pretty decent average. So, if you are thinking about buying a minivan, this is it

Honda Accord Hybrid.

best family car uk

It is a dream come true car; it has won a record best seller car for 5-7 years. It is considered highly reliable in strength and features mainly because it has excellent handling and a very sporty design. It has a lot of small, and it is very easy to drive with a very good fuel economy. It consists 196 horsepower engine at a base price of $29,500. At its base price, the car is considered well equipped .
Sure it's a Best Small Family Car.

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