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Dec 4, 2015

Best Selling Cars in America 2015 Part 2

Best Selling Cars in America 2015.

Much like there are ranks in everything around us so does cars. So here is a list we made for the 10 most selling cars in America. This does not mean that they are the best cars instead they are only the highest selling cars.

Honda Civic

One of the most sold car not only in America but the entire world. Its basic model comes with 158 HP, which is decent, but if you are looking for speed, then you must go for 174 HP, which comes along with turbo. This car has the capability of remote ignition, Apple Car Play as well as Android Auto which has helped it to sell over 277, 550 units.

Honda Civic Sedan 2016 Back-Best Selling Cars

Nissan Altima

A very curvy or roundly car to say, but that's only in the matter of speech, because this baby gives you the option of 182 HP and 270 HP with V6, both with the CVT. It is smooth in term of drive and handling, its emergency braking, and smart cruise control has made this car one of the safest. Plus, it has enormous room inside with comfort. It has sold 283,380 units, and the number is still growing.



Honda Accord

One of the top 10 cars in the world is an Accord, it has been in the top ranking for quite a while now and surely one of the best reasons to buy this magnificent beast. It comes in 185 HP standard with the sports model on an inch high with 189 HP. It has an Apple Car Play and Android Auto. And the units sold so far are 294,945.

Honda Accord 2016-Best Selling Cars

Honda Accord 2016-2-Best Selling Cars

Toyota Corolla

Yet another car which is one of the most sold cars worldwide, this car is the Android of cars. It has everything in it, the speed, the comfort, the space, all in one. Plus, it is considered to be one of the most reliable cars in the world. This might be the only reason it has sold 308,000 units, and the numbers keep getting up.

Toyota Crolla 2014-Best Selling Cars

Toyota Crolla 2014 Interior-Best Selling Cars

Toyota Camry

If you ever visited Dubai, you might have seen this car as a taxi. The main reason why most people trust this car is because this is the most reliable of cars present. If you own a car merely for its necessity and not as a passion, this is the thing for. It won’t quit on you nor will it create problems for you. This basic model comes in 178 HP four cylinders, while sports version comes in 268 HP V6 comes with serious speed. It is widely available in hybrid for fuel efficiency, and these reasons have made this car the most sold cars in America with a number as high as 361, 200 units. Yes, so if you think you need a reasonable good car this is it.

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Toyota Camry 2015-Best Selling Cars

Toyota Camry 2015 Interior-Best Selling Cars

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