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Dec 7, 2015

Cheapest Cars around the world

Hyundai-Accent_2012_Cheapest Cars around the world

Cheapest Cars around the world

We all have that one moment in life when we are living on a very tight budget while trying to handle loans and living expenses, purchasing a car, and then does not seem like a very logical reason but most of us cannot survive without a car. So, if you think you cannot afford a car, then you are very wrong my friend, manufacturers around the world produce cars for every class and budget. Here are the list of cars for first time owner or students.

Nissan Micra

This car is a catch on a tight budget, it only costs around $10,000, and most of the students can afford it quite easily. It is a decent car not very spacious but a decent looking car overall. It has five gear transmission with good local city speed. It is decent and buying it won’t worry you too much later on.

Nissan-Micra_ELLE_2012_Cheapest Cars around the world

Nissan-Micra_Cheapest Cars around the world

Honda Fit

Honda makes really affordable cars around the world, and Honda Fit is one of them. This car has a lot of space in it; it has a spate cargo compartment at the rear, and it also fit in a lot of people. So, if you are social and need something big to a budget, this is it. It costs around $17,000 which is decent considering the space and style.

Honda-Fit_EV_2013_Cheapest Cars around the world

    Ford Fiesta

Ford is a very distinctive American brand, and they produce likeable and stylish cars, Ford Fiesta is one of those cars. The Fiesta has a very European sense of style too; it has space inside with not the best, but a very decent looking interior with air bags and power door lock. It has a very good fuel average per 100km, approximately 5.2L and cost around only $15,000 with many color options.

Ford-Fiesta_2014_Cheapest Cars around the world

 Fiat 500

Now a very famous brand mostly recognized for Ferrari, but the truth is that Fiat is producing good cars as well, and 500 is one of them. It is cheap but is packed with expansive features which make it a great catch. The car can be bought with the choice of 11 colors, the base model known as “POP” has power windows, locks, and mirrors and costs around $13,500 but if you add up three more grand, you can buy the sports edition which gives you AC, leather steering, and cruise control. I am surely down to this car.

Fiat-500_2016_Cheapest Cars around the world

Chevy Spark

A very cheeky Chevrolet, this car was produced in Korea, and it certainly catches some look from it. The base model comes at the price of just $12,000, although it is pretty basic it still comes with 10 airbags and has been declared one of the safest cars on the highway, sure your parents will love it. You can also add auto transmission and air conditioner, and the price will go up to $14,900.

Chevrolet-Spark_2016-Cheapest Cars around the world

Chevrolet-Spark_2016_Cheapest Cars around the world

 Hyundai Accent

If you are a student, and you think that small budget will get you a super ugly car, then think again because Hyundai Accent is a dream come true car for all people out there. This Hyundai comes with the base price of $13,550 with features like anti-lock brakes, electronic brake-force distribution, stability control which is electronic, traction control, vehicle stability and much more. Hyundai offers more if you add on this to it such as a must air conditioner and safety features. These add on’s will cost the car you around $17,300 which is decent considering the car has a very sporty look and brilliant features.

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Hyundai-Accent_2012-Cheapest Cars around the world

Hyundai-Accent Interior_2012_Cheapest Cars around the world

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