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Dec 14, 2015

What Is The Most Expensive Car?

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What Is The Most Expensive Car?

Who says money can’t buy happiness have you ever laid your eyes upon a Maybach Exelero? The car is a dream made into reality. Imagine watching Tron back in 1980s and seeing those Amazing Cars, now flash forward and come back to the present and lay your eyes on Maybach Exelero.

This Beast of a Car is Designed By Mercedes, and the engine is crafted by Picassos of engine designer. Yes, Maybach Exelero is not for everyone only the lucky ones are qualified to buy this exquisite piece of engineering and beauty. This car is priced at 8million dollars, and yes, it is the most expensive car in the world and if you look under the hood and inside the doors, you will say the price is surely justified. Its craftsmen’s worked day and night to bring it to the real world, they designed a heaven that could be not be achieved by any car manufacturer to date.

First, let’s take a look inside this magnificent car, the first look inside makes you speechless. Beautifully designed cockpit as may see because this beast is no less than an aircraft, red and black this the scheme they went with and surely they made it beautiful yet simple. Yes, there are no flashy objects fitted in, just a plain simple interior with basic accessories with transmission control gears right by the driver’s side with seat belts of a speed racer. The best part about this Exelero is that it is both a Luxury Car in which you sit back and enjoy the ride and it fulfills your dream of thrill with the speed. At the back, there are seats in which you can literally sleep and live in. This four seater car is surely the best any buyer can get in his lifetime. There are multiple options that which you can choose either have it a pro luxury car in which you ride and your driver drives you around or a normal Exelero where you can enjoy both. Most people would think thatWhy anyone should pay so much for a car? Well, it is because of the comfort and luxury it provides. Starting with the interior, it gives you an option of Blackwood. They call it ‘’piano’’. The car is made spookily quiet by using micro fabric tiles. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going, you can hear a whisper quite easily. Maybach is a huge car and most of the space is used by the interior accommodation. The seats are covered with the finest leather and the roof got a unique photoelectric sunroof. You would get tired playing with the executive toys that Maybach provides. You can have two types of drink holders and a remote DVD player with a pair of headphones. If you want to work while traveling, that’s alright because you have a nice wooden foldable table in your Maybach.

Enough about the interior lets go beyond that and analyze the beauty on which you first lay your eyes upon. This car is 232 inches long which means it is very long with bolting lights both on the front and the back. It looks like a mean machine from the rear view of another car simply because of its wide and strong front finish. If we take a look under the hood, there lies an unrealistically placed engine, designed and composed like De Vince and Beethoven. A 5.5L V12 with 692 Horse Power which goes from 0-60 in just under 5 seconds. Although it is  designed and made to look and is heavy, but the engineers who crafted it made sure it goes lightning fast just like its style.

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